Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Four-Letter Words

February, 2010. That’s when the long-awaited Popgun 4 drops and 28 pages of Bastardy goodness are unleashed upon an unsuspecting public. Dave’s story “Elle Hath Fury” runs 16 pages while our pal Eric Sandhop’s “This Bludz For You” is a tight 12. Plus, Dave created additional art for the book featuring his solo creation, the low-rent demigod “Wamgud!” soon to re-appear in the next Bastard tale we’re cooking up right now! And here’s our promotional banner for the book:

The Road to Barcelona

Bastard Road is international! We’ll soon be receiving our copies of Dibbuks’ EL MANGLAR #11, featuring the Spanish language debut of our story in Popgun 2: “Bastard Road,” (aka “Carnage Asada”). Here’s what “Carretera bastarda” looks like en EspaƱol:

Big thanks to our amigo Ricardo Esteban for including us in El Manglar. We’re the first American comic artists who’ve been personally invited to appear in the publication and it’s a huge honor. Coming up: “Cockfighter Blues” in Spanish! Ay yi yi!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Attention BASTARD ROAD fans. Run out to your local comic book establishment and buy this book:
Why, you ask? For a rollicking SAVAGE DRAGON adventure, of course! But there’s more! Once you’ve finished absorbing all the Erik Larsen madness you can handle, turn to the back cover to witness this:
That’s right! Dragon vs. Bastard, courtesy of Dave. Erik promised to run the image in the book when it was given to him at San Diego Comic-Con…little did we know he’d give us the back cover! Will this be the last word in Dragon & Bastard existing together? Keep checking in and we’ll let you know! Many thanks to Mr. Erik Larsen for giving us this great opportunity, and Scott De Las Casas for greasin’ the wheels.

SDCC 2009 #1 - Finally!

In the first of many long-in-the-gestating updates, here’s a list of comic creators who, for at least a minute or two, possessed BASTARD ROAD swag at San Diego Comic-Con 2009, with a specific shout-out to John Layman & Rob Guillory, creators of the supermegahit CHEW. Quoth John: “Tell me what I can do to make Bastard Road its own comic.”
  1. Erik Larsen
  2. Mike Allred
  3. John Layman
  4. Rob Guillory
  5. Tyrese Gibson
  6. Seth
  7. Sterling Gates
  8. Jamal Igle
  9. CS Jennings
  10. Duncan Rouleau
  11. Joe Kelly
  12. Steven Seagle
  13. Jeffrey Brown
  14. Greg Rucka
  15. Gabriel Hardman
  16. Clayton Moore
  17. Arthur Suydam
  18. Glen Brunswick
  19. Robert Kirkman
  20. Mark Waid
  21. Matt Gagnon
  22. Joe Keatinge
  23. Derek McCulloch
  24. Jimmie Robinson
  25. Matteo Scalera
  26. Eric Powell

Luke It Out!

Introducing a kick-ass piece of art from BASTARD fan Luke Gaither. Thanks for the Bastard love, Luke! Keep rockin’ it!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Bastard at Comic-con!

Howdy gang, a quick update! Brian is in lovely California talking about the big red Bastard, and meeting a ton of cool, friendly people. Meanwhile I am in Wisconsin and I ate some cheese. So I've got that going for me. Here's some artwork from Popgun 4 to whet your appetites! Who could be smashing Bastard so thoroughly?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Enter Sandhop!

So what’s the big news we’ve mentioned far too long ago? Only this: the upcoming POPGUN volume 4 will feature TWO tales from the Bastard Road! Dave’s busy putting the finishing touches on sixteen pages of Bastard kickassery entitled “Elle Hath Fury!” while our pal Eric Sandhop joins Team Bastard® for the twelve-page, Farel-centric tale: “This Bludz For You!” Twenty-eight pages of awesome in the undoubtedly legendary POPGUN volume 4, out late 2009/early 2010!

The art above is an early take from Eric on our pals Bastard & Farel. He’s refined their look for the comic, so expect a fresh visual take on the unlimited potential of The Bastardverse!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Look Who’s Talkin’!

Rob at “Talkin’ ’Bout Comics” has read “Cockfighter Blues,” and proclaims it funny x3!

“I said of a previous Bastard Road from a previous popgun, that I didn't want to like it, but it grew on me. This one has the benefit of it having already grown on me, as well as the fact that it is extremely funny, with exceptionally distinctive and humorous art. This comic is filled with as many penis and vagina references as you can fit into one comic without actually talking about penises or vaginas. If this took itself seriously for a second, none of it would be funny, but everything about it is tuned to make it work. Very funny stuff.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Addiction & Subtraction

Chris Partin with The Comic Addiction judges “Cockfighter Blues” and finds us lacking. 6 out of 10. Fair enough…we can see where 14 pages of awesomely-illustrated cock jokes may not be the full meal deal for everyone. Here’s hoping Chris digs up Popgun volume 2 to see where our tale began and finds the stories in the upcoming Popgun volume 4 to be of a meatier consistency.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Golden Graeme’s Shower of Interview Questions

Graeme Flory interviewed Dave & Brian (along with Popgun’s D.J. & Adam and fellow contributors Derek McCullough, Guillaume Singelin and Peter Krause) for his Fantasy Book Review Blog. Check it out here!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

International Velvet

Our pal Adam P. Knave talks to Jeff Lester about Popgun 3 and dreams about Bastard, velvet and a huge black cock.

The Daily Show

Osizimete Aken'Ova from the OU Daily interviewed Brian about his inspiration for Bastard Road.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Skeevy “Wonder”

Our new friend Daniel Crown at Wonderchroma interviewed Dave & Brian about our “...unrepentantly filthy…frightening debauchery…” What resulted was a fairly insightful exploration of the personal origins of the comedic sensibilities behind Bastard Road at a cool, new, pop culture site that everyone should immediately bookmark. Thanks, Daniel!

“Rooster” Gold

Matthew Price interviews Brian about Popgun 3 in today’s edition of The Oklahoman. Amazingly, this most conservative newspaper allowed the word “Bastard” fourteen times within one article. Kudos to our pal Matt for getting us in - we’re not yet sure if Brian will be allowed to pollute his NerdAge podcast with multiple “uh”s like he did for Popgun 2.

(Photo courtesy Brian’s father-in-law’s iPhone)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Wham Bam Thank You, Graeme!

The first review of Popgun 3 has appeared at Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review and not only does Graeme love the book (with a 9 out of 10 rating), but he loves Bastard Road, too, saying “I laughed out loud (and sniggered like a schoolboy).”

He neglected to credit Dave in his review so I made sure to correct that in his comments.

More reviews to come. Stay tuned!

Monday, March 23, 2009

See BR in CBR!

Our handsome, virile Popgun editors Mark Andrew Smith and D.J. Kirkbride give Dave, Brian & Bastard a shout-out, and display the handsome mini-poster that acts as the intro to our new story, at Comic Book Resources.

Looks like the book’s been pushed to Wednesday, April 8, 2009, thereby giving us one more week to get the Bastard Road pimpage going. Expect more buzz ’round these parts in the next 2 weeks as we gear up for the well-worth-the-wait release of Image Comics’ graphic mixtape, Popgun volume 3!

And while you wait, go ahead and pick up Mark’s new book The New Brighton Archeological Society. Good times!

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Knave & The Bold

Long time no see, Friends o' Bastard! We've got a lot of news we'll be unleashing on a regular basis, and first off, here's a link to a great interview our pal Adam P. Knave just gave Comicon's PULSE about the upcoming PopGun volume 3.

APK has some awesome stuff to say, so make sure you read the whole interview (he's a clever, charming bastard), but here's our favorite quote:

“…I have to mention this all the time, BASTARD ROAD. Dave Curd's art and Brian Winkeler's writing merge to form mighty things - I am never supposed to admit favorites, and I won't REALLY, but if BASTARD ROAD doesn't become some hit book/video game/movie I will be surprised.”

Bastard's face would be totally red if it weren't already totally red.

So check out the interview, order your copy of PopGun volume 3 (in stores April 1, 2009), and, while you're at it, buy all of Adam's books on Amazon.

Keep your eyes here for the long-promised big news, now even bigger!

Monday, January 12, 2009

2009: The Year of the Bastard!

Set your calendars for March 29, 2009. That's when PopGun volume 3, featuring the second comic book adventure of your pals Bastard & Farel, drops from Image Comics. So go to your local comic book store, hammer the counter with your fist and shout, "Make Mine PopGun!" And then tell them to order the book for you because otherwise you won't be making any sense.

(until the next big Bastard Road announcement).