Sunday, August 17, 2008

Black & White & Red All Over

Bastard Road continues its media domination with a sizeable article in the Friday, August 15, 2008 issue of the Oklahoman, online here. Big thanks again to Matt Price for showin' us the love.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Bastard in the Gutters

Bastard Road gets some love (or at least a mention) from Rich Johnston in this week's "Lying in the Gutters." It's near the bottom, just a few lines underneath the sexy lingerie ladies, AKA, exactly where it should be. Thanks, Rich!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Friday, August 8, 2008

Brian talks "Bastard," says "Uh"

Check out my interview with Matt Price for The Oklahoman's comics blog.

Brian's gonna work on butching up his voice if future vocal promotional opportunities present themselves.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

And the reviews have begun!

And the reviews have begun!

"Popgun Volume Two trade paperback (Image Comics)
by various creators

This volume is self-described as “a graphic mix tape,” and given the hip quality of a good deal of the material, it’s a fitting description. This is the second go around for this anthology book, which boasts no central theme. There’s plenty of strong, entertaining material to be found in this book, more than enough to offset the weaker segments or the one-page gags that are cute but ultimately disposable. I find it interesting that Image Comics have ventured into territory that once belonged almost exclusively to smaller publishers of more avant-garde work. Image is a major force in North American comics publishing, but there’s no denying the indy/small-press spirit of this material. There are some hidden gems here, not the least of which is a short story by Brandon (King City) Graham. Not only does it offer material from some strong, well-established talent, but it also introduces the readership to new creative voices. Image and the various editors with which it’s worked seem to have revived the comics anthology, or at least brought it to the attention of a wider audience. Starting with Flight (which has since moved to another publisher) and moving onto 24/7 and Popgun, short-form, unconventional comics storytelling has found a new home. I actually prefer the Popgun approach than the themed anthology; sometimes, a theme (such as 24/7’s sci-fi, robotic motif) wears out its welcome. With Popgun, the variety keeps things fresh. 7/10"

And give's Bastard it's 2 cents!

"Bastard Road:
Crazy. A bit non-sensical. And crazy. Did I mention that? A whole lotta fun with some beautiful artwork. It’s the kind of artwork with really solid lines that you could hang off of. Kind of like Clowes. With a little Kirby. Or Charles Burns."

This guy knows his stuff! I don't know if he's that good, or I'm too obvious with my influences/heroes...

But he had fun, and that's our aim. Howabout you, dear reader? What did you think of Popgun2 and the first Bastard Story?

Oh! We announce the contest winner and prize soon!