Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Now in color!

Brian and I just wrapped up the next Bastard Road 13 pager (appearing in popgun 3), so as a little tease I wanted to post the colored version of the previous image.

More soon! =)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

This ones gonna be gross!

Hey guys, we are wrapping up our next Bastard story for Popgun 3, and Brian asked me to share some of the B+W line work. The work he suggested was a pretty good money shot, so I kinda wanted to save it for the big reveal, so in the mean time, here's Bastard trying to get a handle on a big, angry cock!


File under "Better late than never". We've got a winner for our first contest! Red Chuck's suggestion: Carnage Asada, proves he is an ultimo amigo after our own hearts! We really dug all of the entries, and decision came only after much heated debate. So look out Chuck, you've got the pictured print (11x14) coming in the mail, and in the next BR collection, we will use your sexy, sexy title.

Thanks for playing everyone!