Monday, September 14, 2009


Attention BASTARD ROAD fans. Run out to your local comic book establishment and buy this book:
Why, you ask? For a rollicking SAVAGE DRAGON adventure, of course! But there’s more! Once you’ve finished absorbing all the Erik Larsen madness you can handle, turn to the back cover to witness this:
That’s right! Dragon vs. Bastard, courtesy of Dave. Erik promised to run the image in the book when it was given to him at San Diego Comic-Con…little did we know he’d give us the back cover! Will this be the last word in Dragon & Bastard existing together? Keep checking in and we’ll let you know! Many thanks to Mr. Erik Larsen for giving us this great opportunity, and Scott De Las Casas for greasin’ the wheels.

SDCC 2009 #1 - Finally!

In the first of many long-in-the-gestating updates, here’s a list of comic creators who, for at least a minute or two, possessed BASTARD ROAD swag at San Diego Comic-Con 2009, with a specific shout-out to John Layman & Rob Guillory, creators of the supermegahit CHEW. Quoth John: “Tell me what I can do to make Bastard Road its own comic.”
  1. Erik Larsen
  2. Mike Allred
  3. John Layman
  4. Rob Guillory
  5. Tyrese Gibson
  6. Seth
  7. Sterling Gates
  8. Jamal Igle
  9. CS Jennings
  10. Duncan Rouleau
  11. Joe Kelly
  12. Steven Seagle
  13. Jeffrey Brown
  14. Greg Rucka
  15. Gabriel Hardman
  16. Clayton Moore
  17. Arthur Suydam
  18. Glen Brunswick
  19. Robert Kirkman
  20. Mark Waid
  21. Matt Gagnon
  22. Joe Keatinge
  23. Derek McCulloch
  24. Jimmie Robinson
  25. Matteo Scalera
  26. Eric Powell

Luke It Out!

Introducing a kick-ass piece of art from BASTARD fan Luke Gaither. Thanks for the Bastard love, Luke! Keep rockin’ it!