Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Four-Letter Words

February, 2010. That’s when the long-awaited Popgun 4 drops and 28 pages of Bastardy goodness are unleashed upon an unsuspecting public. Dave’s story “Elle Hath Fury” runs 16 pages while our pal Eric Sandhop’s “This Bludz For You” is a tight 12. Plus, Dave created additional art for the book featuring his solo creation, the low-rent demigod “Wamgud!” soon to re-appear in the next Bastard tale we’re cooking up right now! And here’s our promotional banner for the book:

The Road to Barcelona

Bastard Road is international! We’ll soon be receiving our copies of Dibbuks’ EL MANGLAR #11, featuring the Spanish language debut of our story in Popgun 2: “Bastard Road,” (aka “Carnage Asada”). Here’s what “Carretera bastarda” looks like en EspaƱol:

Big thanks to our amigo Ricardo Esteban for including us in El Manglar. We’re the first American comic artists who’ve been personally invited to appear in the publication and it’s a huge honor. Coming up: “Cockfighter Blues” in Spanish! Ay yi yi!