Thursday, September 1, 2011


The best part of San Diego Comic-Con is meeting new friends in the industry and introducing them to gory glory of Bastard Road. This year I was excited to meet Shane & Chris Houghton, the sibling masterminds behind the new Image Comics series Reed Gunther.

In many ways, Reed Gunther is kind of an all-ages Bastard Road: a non-sequiter spouting protagonist and his exasperated pal (who’s actually the brains of the outfit) encountering dangers like giant rattlesnakes and zombies as they traverse the barren countryside. There’s also a flannel-clad potential love interest!

So I was thrilled to meet the guys and they quickly became fans of Bastard. Here’s a pic of them checking out some top secret goods on the iPad:

So when I mentioned that Dave & I are working on stories for Bastard Road Volume I and we’d lined up pals like Andy Suriano, Dan McDaid, Rob Guillory and Jeffrey Brown for pin-ups, Chris asked if he could do one as well. Little did I know that he’d bang something so awesome out so quickly:

Chris sent it with this message: “Hope you don’t mind that I blew the boys up.”

When it looks this good, Chris, you can do anything you want with Bastard & Farel.

Now all we need to do is find the right publisher who wants to help us share Bastard with the world.

Thanks, Chris & Shane! Everybody else, go buy Reed Gunther at your local comic shop right now!