Sunday, August 15, 2010

Andy Suriano!

Hi guys, the mega-talented Andy Suriano hooked us up with a sexy Bastard pic, and he graciously gave me permission to color and post it at the blog.

What a drawing- you can really feel the Miniachi-smashing power in Bastard's gesture! Awesome. You can check out Andy's blog (and purchase his studly sketchbook) at the aptly named .

In other news- Comic Con was a blast, Brian was able to connect with all kinds of excellent creatives and fans, we won %2.87 of an Eisner award for Bastard's appearance in Popgun, and we've got good things happening outside of the printed page.

It should be an interesting Winter for Bastard and Farel!

1 comment:

wolfboy said...

Beautiful, Dave! Looks amazing.